BABALINK FARM - What does a farmer do when it is too wet to plant?

I forage on my farm. Native, edible spring flowers that I am picking right now include violets ranging in colour from purple to white. The leaves are also edible - I especially like the tiny new leaves, some of which have not quite unfurled. Violet harvest lasts a few weeks in part because there are a few native varieties that bloom at slightly different times.

violets a mix of colours.jpg

The edible, native, Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis flowers are ready to harvest for a short time. On my farm they are opening as I write this. Trees in the city may already be done. Eastern redbud is in the Fabaceae (legume) family. Which is why the flowers taste a little like fresh green peas.

redbud blossoms opening.jpg

Fortunately we have wild greens on the farm. Stinging nettles come up early. I am picking (with gloves) the tops right now.  My new favourite way to eat them is with pasta, sauteed onion, green garlic, sorrel butter, Parmesan - a touch of cream and always a bit of hot pepper. Chili flakes or Cayenne - whatever you choose, stinging nettles and a touch of hot pepper are a great match!

stinging nettle tops.jpg

Find Pat Kozowyk of BabaLink Farm to the west of the square starting this week at Sorauren. Watch this space for a violet jelly recipe and Pat’s market table for her jewelled jars very soon! Scroll down to see a post all about her farm from our Farm Visits 2018.